May 22, 2024 Board Agenda


  1. Election of officers
    The Board needs to elect a new Vice President.
  2. Budget and work plan
    Review the 2024-2025 work plan and budget.
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting
    The minutes of the previous Board meeting will be considered.
  4. Errata and format revisions
    Minor errors and formatting revisions.

Design Manual Items

  1. Erosion and sediment control (Design 7E-5, 7E-18, and 7E-21)
    Additional design revisions based on proposed spec revisions.

Specifications Manual Items

  1. Working days for curing concrete (Section 1080, 1.06, B, 2)
    Modify language to clearly define working days will be charged for concrete curing time of pavements and structural concrete when it is the controlling item of work.
  2. Geogrid (Section 2010, 2.04)
    Revise Table 2010.03 to be more inclusive beyond “triaxial” geogrids to include “multiaxial” configuration.  This alteration will not eliminate any materials currently allowed.
  3. Unsuitable backfill material (Section 3010, 1.08, A, 2 and D)
    Modify language to more clearly define incidental removal of soil material and costs associated with removal and replacement of unsuitable trench materials.
  4. Rodent guard (Figure 4040.233)
    Revise note 9 to clarify using a fork type rodent guard on subdrain outlet to ditch.
  5. Pipe cleaning and rehabilitation (Section 4050)
    Revise section to provide separate specifications for cleaning from rehabilitation and added payment for the removal and disposal of materials from site.  This will allow communities to use SUDAS Specifications for letting just cleaning projects, if necessary.
  6. Surface water crossing (Section 5010, 3.06, E)
    Language was mistakenly deleted when the DNR rules for water and sewer conflict requirements were updated.
  7. Connection to existing manhole or intake (Section 6010, 1.08, G and 3.05, A)
    Add language about removing/replacing fillet.
  8. Pavement joints (Figure 7010.101/PV-101)
    Iowa DOT Construction and Materials Bureau requested adding elliptical dowels as an option for dowel joints.  Acceptance of elliptical dowel bars will not require specifications changes as SUDAS currently references Iowa DOT Specifications for dowel bar material requirements.
  9. Concrete cold weather protection (Section 7010, 1.08)
    Revise language to state cold weather protection would not be considered incidental for work occurring within the contract times and established unit price for cold weather protection.
  10. Asphalt cold weather paving (Section 7020, 1.08, N and 3.01, H)
    Modify language to state cold paving would not be considered incidental for work occurring within the contract times and allowed by the Engineer and established unit price for cold weather paving.
  11. Chain link fence (Section 9060, 3.01, B, 2, b)
    Add language to allow mechanical installation of posts for only residential fences according to ASTM F 567, if allowed by the contract documents.
  12. Combined retaining wall – sidewalk (Figure 9072.221/MI-221)
    Add a clarification dimension to the Type A wall detail.


  1. Iowa Public Works Service Bureau update
    An update on the project will be given and the Board will be asked for their input on permanent funding options. {Click on the link above and register as a member to check out all we have to offer!}
  2. Products and/or research
    Board members can suggest new products to be proposed for SUDAS manual inclusion; suggestions for potential research projects can also be made at this time.

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