May 18, 2023 Board Agenda


  1. Election of officers
    According to the corporation bylaws, the SUDAS Board of Directors is to elect officers every two years.  The current officers are willing to continue in their roles.
  2. Budget and work plan
    Review the 2023-2024 work plan and budget.  Budget remains the same since 2004.
  3. Change of bylaws
    Proposed change from six districts to three regions requires a bylaw change.

Consent Agenda

(Items with little to no discussion at the district meetings and all were recommended for approval by all of the districts).

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting
    The minutes of the November 2022 Board electronic vote will be considered.
  2. Errata and format revisions
    Minor errors and formatting revisions.
  3. Erosion and sediment control (Sections 7E-1, 7E-3, 7E-7, 7E-8, 7E-12, 7E-13, 7E-14, 7E-15, 7E-17, 7E-21, 7E-30, and 7E-31)
    The SUDAS Erosion and Sediment Control Committee proposed various revisions to Chapter 7.
  4. Erosion and sediment control regulatory requirements (Section 7B-1, B, 3 and C, 3)
    Updated the regulatory elements to match the new NPDES General Permit No. 2 requirements, effective March 1, 2023.
  5. Release of bid security (Section 1020, 1.15, C)
    Clarified the release of bid security to unsuccessful bidders.
  6. Traffic signal conduit (Section 8010, 2.01, B)
    Clarified Schedule 80 PVC meets the heavy wall conduit requirement.
  7. Safety rail (Section 9080, 1.08, C)
    Added the concrete for ground mounting of the safety rail to be included with the bid item.

Design Manual Items

  1. Storm distribution for hydrograph routing (Sections 2A-4, 2B-4, and 2B-5)
    Updated to new NRCS region-specific storm distributions.
  2. Time of concentration (Section 2B-4, B, 1, b and 3, c)
    Modified discussions on minimum time of concentration.
  3. Complete streets (Sections 5C-1, 5C-2, 5M-1, 12A-1-5, 12B-1-3, 13A-3, and 13A-4)
    An IHRB project to develop a DOT Complete Streets Policy proposed updates to several sections.  These changes are included in Chapter 5 (geometric tables and elements and complete streets), Chapter 12 (sidewalks, bicycles, pedestrians, and accessible traffic signals), and Chapter 13 (pedestrian elements in traffic signal design).

Specifications Manual Items

  1. Storm sewer joint opening (4020, 3.05, B, 3)
    Modified joint opening requirements for gasketed storm sewer.
  2. Double grate intake with manhole (new Figure 6010.516)
    Developed a modification of SW-506 to make it a rectangle.
  3. Supplementary cementitious material clarification (Section 7010, 2.02, C, 3)
    Identified the combinations of cement types that can be used with fly ash and GGBFS.
  4. Pavement smoothness requirements (Sections 7010, 3.07 and 7020, 3.05)
    Updated pavement smoothness quality control to reflect DOT deleting their specifications section on profilograph and adding inertial profiler.
  5. MIT thickness (Section 7010, 3.07, D)
    Added non-destructive measurement specifications to determine the pavement thickness and thickness index.
  6. Thin lift overlays (Section 7021, 3.01, B)
    Clarified placement and opening temperatures.
  7. Chain link fence (Section 9060, 1.08, A)
    Developed bid item for residential chain link fence.


  1. Iowa Public Works Service Bureau update
    An update on the project will be given. {Click on the link above and register as a member to check out all we have to offer!}
  2. Products and/or research
    Board members can suggest new products to be proposed for SUDAS manual inclusion; suggestions for potential research projects can also be made at this time.

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