November 2021 Board Agenda


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting
    The minutes of the previous meeting will be considered.
  2. Errata and format revisions
    Minor errors and formatting revisions.

Design Manual Items

  1. Traffic signals (Design Sections 13A-1 through 13A-5 and Spec Section 8010)
    Revised the design and spec sections on traffic signals with guidance from the SUDAS Traffic Signal Committee.

Specifications Manual Items

  1. Granular stabilization (Section 2010, 1.08, H)
    Added bid item for replacement of unstable material.
  2. Casing pipe (Section 3020, 2.02, A)
    Added additional equivalent material to improve availability and potentially reduce costs.
  3. Water main testing and disinfection (Section 5030, 3.01-3.09)
    Updated testing procedures to match AWWA C651.
  4. PCC paving updates (Section 7010, 2.01, H and 3.01, C, 2, h; Section 7011, 3.02, J, 1, e; Section 7040, 3.03, B, 5)
    Added reference for new Iowa DOT section on glass fiber reinforced polymer dowel bars and clarified that only metallic bars must be epoxy coated.  Added an acceptable range to accommodate different vibrators for machine paving.  Included requirement for sealing all saw joints.  Sealed the edges of pavement patches with grout.
  5. Driveway curb transition (Figures 7030.101 and 7030.102)
    Added information on the slope of the curb transition at driveways.
  6. Jointing for PCC patches (Figure 7040.102)
    Clarified the type of joint to use.
  7. Channelizing devices (Section 8030, 2.03)
    Added channelizing devices that comply with NCHRP 350 of MASH-16 (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware).

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