October 2018 Board Agenda


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting
    Please review the minutes of the May 18, 2018 Board meeting.

Specifications Manual Items

  1. Foamed cellular concrete (Sections 3010, 3020, 4010, and 4020)
    Added foamed cellular concrete as an option for special pipe embedment and encasement material, backfill for abandoned tunnels, annular space grouting, and sewer abandonment fill.
  2. Dewatering (Section 3010, 1.08, A, 6)
    Expanded the requirements to clarify what work activities are encompassed by dewatering.
  3. Abandoning sewers (Sections 4010, 1.08, K and L and 4020, 1.08, E and F)
    Split the activities of plugging and filling and plugging.  Designated full measurement and payment information for each work activity for sanitary sewers and storm sewers.
  4. Pipe aprons (Sections 4020 and 4030)
    Inserted pipe apron language in Section 4020 and added a reference to Iowa DOT Standard Road Plan DR-121 for pipe connectors.  Clarified dewatering in Section 4030.
  5. Tubular dowels (Figure 7010.101)
    Add tubular dowels to available methods of joint transfer for doweled contraction joints.
  6. Railroad crossing approach (Sections 7010 and 7020)
    Added bid items and execution language for PCC and HMA railroad crossing approaches.
  7. Plastic concrete cylinders (Section 7010, Table 7010.02)
    Revised the test requirements for plastic concrete cylinders to delete the 6 inch requirement, which will allow either 6 inch or 4 inch specimens.
  8. Thin HMA overlays and interlayers (Section 7021)
    Lowering of the design target for lab voids is intended to result in higher binder content, which will increase mix flexibility and reduce premature cracking.  VMA (voids in the mineral aggregate) is no longer used as a mix design parameter.  Clarify sample location due to thin applications.
  9. Traffic signal foundations (Figure 8010.102)
    Clarify length of foundations in rock and the forming at the top of the foundation.

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