May 20, 2020 Board Agenda

Consent Agenda

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting
    The minutes of the previous meeting will be considered.
  2. Errata and format revisions
    Minor errors and formatting revisions.
  3. Water main LUST interaction (Section 4C-1)
    Modified to match Iowa DNR permit requirements for interaction of water mains and LUST sites.
  4. Minimum street width alternative (Sections 5C-1 and 5C-2)
    Updated Table 5C-1.01 by adding an additional 27 feet back-to-back street width and a 48 foot cul-de-sac radius alternative when agencies have larger fire apparatus.
  5. Lane width and capacity (Section 5C-2, A)
    Updated to reflect new lane width and capacity relationships.
  6. Abbreviations and definitions (Section 1010)
    Added abbreviations and definitions for commonly used terms.
  7. Project area maintenance (Section 1070, 2.08, C)
    Added clarification concerning maintenance of the work area during the project.
  8. Visual inspection of sewers (Section 4060, 3.02)
    Deleted requirement for lamping sewers and culverts.
  9. Water main pipe options (Section 5010, 2.01, 2.03, and 3.04)
    Deleted prestressed concrete cylinder pipe as a standard water main pipe since it has limited use and application.
  10. Fire hydrants (Spec Section 5020, 3.03, F and Design Section 4C-1, E)
    Clarified fire hydrant placement and orientation to meet 2018 International Fire code.
  11. Steps in deep structures (Section 6010, 2.13; Figures SW-301, SW-303, SW-304, SW-305, SW-401, SW-404, SW-405)
    Added steps for structures deeper than 20 feet.
  12. Cross slope for sidewalks, driveways, and shared use paths (Section 7030, 3.04 and 3.05)
    Clarified maximum, target, and minimum cross slope requirements.

Design Manual Items

  1. General provisions (Chapter 1)
    Updated the chapter based on current practices.
  2. Driveway design for low volume residential streets (Sections 5L-3 and 5L-4)
    Updated point of width measurement, established width based on number of garage stalls, clarified joint driveway width, and updated distance from intersections.
  3. Utility locating site restoration (Design Section 5I-3; Spec Sections 3020 and 7040)
    Added information to address re-establishment of the pavement following cutting of core holes in pavements for utility location.

Specifications Manual Items

  1. Water for seeding (Section 9010, 1.08, D)
    Clarified the measurement and payment for watering to eliminate confusion of MGAL, which has been misinterpreted as a million gallons rather than 1,000 gallons.


  1. Products and/or research
    Board members can suggest new products to be proposed for SUDAS manual inclusion; suggestions for potential research projects can also be made at this time.
  2. Public Works Service Bureau Update
    An update on the project will be given.

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