May 17, 2019 Board Agenda

Consent Agenda

(Items with little to no discussion at the district meetings and all were recommended for approval by all of the districts)

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting
    The minutes of the previous meeting will be considered.
  2. Errata and format revisions
    Minor errors and formatting revisions.
  3. MAPLE abbreviation and definition (Section 1010, 1.02 and 1.03)
    Added abbreviation and definition in order to reference MAPLE within the specifications.
  4. Compaction testing for subgrade cut sections (Section 2010, 3.06)
    Clarified that moisture and density elements should be used for compaction in subgrade cut section compaction.
  5. Internal manhole drop (Section 6010, 1.08, 2.15-2.17, 3.06, and Figure 6010.308)
    Developed new figure and specifications language to allow for an internal manhole drop.
  6. Cementitious mortar liner with epoxy seal (Section 6020, 2.03)
    Developed ranges as opposed to a single value to allow for more products.
  7. Rock subbase (Section 6010, 3.01 and Figures 6010.302-305, 401-406, 501-513)
    Added rock subbase to all cast-in-place structures to match precast structures.
  8. Honeycomb repair (Section 7010, 3.02)
    Added information for honeycomb repair of non-formed paving.
  9. Driveway drop curb heights (Figures 7010.102 and 7030.101)
    Resolved differences in drop curb heights in new PCC pavements and driveway sections.
  10. Boxouts in HMA pavements (Figure 7020.201)
    Expanded options for jointing when HMA is extended through the boxout to the casting.
  11. High performance thin lift overlays (Spec Sect 7021, 2.04, C; Design Sect 5J-1, C, 1, b)
    Modified binder grade to ensure adequate crack resistance properties.
  12. Driveway flares (Spec Figures 7030.101 and 102; Design Section 5L-4, C)
    Clarified that the flare should be 3 to 5 feet for residential and agricultural driveways.
  13. Temporary traffic signals (Section 8010, 1.08 and 3.06)
    Expanded payment and removal process for temporary traffic signals.


  1. Election of officers
    The Nominating Committee has selected a slate of officers for election.  Elections will be held at the meeting.
  2. Budget and work plan
    The 2019-2020 work plan and budget will be considered at the meeting.
  3. Public Works Service Bureau
    Discuss potential interaction between SUDAS and Public Works Service Bureau.

Design Manual Items

  1. Clear zones in urban areas (Section 5C-1, Table 5C-1.05)
    Set the preferred and acceptable clear zone on low speed urban roadways without consideration for roadway classification.
  2. LED street lighting (Chapter 11)
    Updated chapter to reflect use of LED street lighting.
  3. Temporary traffic control (Sections 13B-1 through 13B-6)
    Added sections on the design requirements for work zone traffic control.

Specifications Manual Items

  1. Linear trench drain (Section 4020, 1.08, 2.02, 3.04, and Figure 6010.521)
    Added linear trench drain as joint SUDAS/Iowa DOT specifications and figure.
  2. Pipe rehabilitation (Section 4050)
    Revised the pipe rehabilitation section based on current practices/products.
  3. Adjustable casting (Section 6010, 2.01, D; 3.01, J; and Figures 6010.601 and 602)
    Revised text and figures to allow for an additional adjustable casting.
  4. Steps in manholes and intakes (Section 6010, 2.13 and Figures 6010.301, 303, 304, 305, 401, 404, 405)
    Changed the default to no steps in manholes and intakes.

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