October 2020 District Agenda

The files included below have not been approved by the Board of Directors and are merely DRAFT revisions to the SUDAS manuals.


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting and schedule of district meetings
    The minutes of the previous meeting will be considered. The schedule of district meetings will be presented.
  2. Board of Directors meeting minutes
    A summary of actions taken by the Board during May 20, 2020 webinar will be presented.

Design Manual Items

  1. Crack and seat (Design Section 5J-1, C and Spec Section 7092)
    Expanded design information and developed new specifications section addressing crack and seat projects in urban areas.
  2. Tree planting (Design Chapter 10 and Spec Section 9030)
    Updated design information on species to plant and specifications requirements based on industry input.

Specifications Manual Items

  1. Abbreviations and definitions (Section 1010) – action item
    Added abbreviations and definitions for commonly used terms.
  2. Deleted bid items (Section 1040, 1.06, C) – action item
    Revised new information on paying for delivered materials if the bid item is deleted.
  3. Proof rolling (Section 2010, 3.06, B) – action item
    Eliminated confusion and expanded options to include loaded trucks and weighed/ticketed trucks.
  4. Fusible pipe for water mains (Sections 3020, 2.01 and 5011)
    Added HDPE fusible pipe to the fusible PVC development specifications, which were on the website, and moved to the Specifications Manual.
  5. Concrete pipe liners (Sections 4010, 1.08 and 2.01 and 6010, 1.08, A) – action item
    Expanded options for lining of concrete pipe to include PVC and HDPE.
  6. Safety plan submittal for CIPP (Section 4050, 1.03) – action item
    Updated safety plan to address styrene dispersion.
  7. Ductile iron pipe updates (Section 5010, 2.01, 2.03, 3.02, and 3.03) – action item
    Updated material requirements for ductile iron pipe.
  8. Water main testing and disinfection (Section 5030, 3.06, 3.07, and 3.08) – action item
    Updated to provide alternate sampling process.
  9. Infiltration barriers (Figures 6010.306 (delete), 6010.301-305, and 6010.308) – action item
    Deleted Figure 6010.306 and modified others to remove chimney seal depiction and indicate need to install infiltration barriers on sanitary sewer manholes.
  10. Testing for thin lift overlays (Section 7021, 2.05, C) – action item
    Deleted Hamburg testing for thin lift overlays.
  11. Curing sidewalks, driveways, and shared use paths (Section 7030, 3.04, D) – action item
    Changed default to cure.
  12. Utility locating site restoration (Design Sect 5I-3, D, Spec Sect 7040 and Figure 7040.107) – action item
    Developed spec language and new figure to address re-establishment of the pavement following cutting of core holes in pavements for utility location.
  13. Dowel bar grout (Section 7040, 2.01, O) – action item
    Designated specific gradation to extend grout.
  14. Jointing for full depth PCC patches (Figures 7040.101 and 7040.102) – action item
    Expanded joint options depending on paving sequence.
  15. Compaction for permeable pavers (Section 7080, 3.01, 3.05, 3.06, 3.07, and 3.09) – action item
    Updated compaction standards for the various layers when constructing a permeable interlocking pavement.
  16. HDPE traffic signal handholes (Section 8010, 2.01, A and Figure 8010.103) – action item
    Added HDPE handhole to acceptable products.


  1. Discussion items
    • Modify DIP for gravity sanitary sewer from Special Thickness Class 52 to Pressure Class 350 and 150?
    • How often do you have the contractor develop the plan of record (as-builts)?
    • Add bid items and execution language for removal and/or filling and abandonment of water mains?
    • Problems with slope on the top of the curb?
    • Other?
  2. Iowa Public Works Service Bureau update
    An update on the project will be given.
  3. Products and/or research
    District committee members can suggest new products to be proposed for SUDAS manual inclusion; suggestions for potential research projects can also be made at this time.

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