October 2022 District Agenda

The files included below have not been approved by the Board of Directors and are merely DRAFT revisions to the SUDAS manuals.


  1. Minutes of the previous meetings and schedule of district meetings
    The minutes of the previous meetings will be considered. The schedule of district meetings will be presented.

Design Manual Items

  1. Bid item clarifications (Design Section 1D-4 and various Spec sections)
    In order to obtain the most helpful bid information, staff has identified some missing components from various bid items.
  2. Complete streets (Sections 5C-1, 5C-2, 5M-1, 12A-1-5, 12B-1-3, 13A-3, and 13A-4)
    An IHRB project to develop a DOT Complete Streets Policy proposed updates to several shared SUDAS/Iowa DOT sections.  These changes are included in Chapter 5 (geometric tables and elements and complete streets), Chapter 12 (sidewalks, bicycles, pedestrians, and accessible traffic signals), and Chapter 13 (pedestrian elements in traffic signal design).
  3. Erosion and sediment control (Sections 7E-1, 7E-3, 7E-7, 7E-8, 7E-12, 7E-13, 7E-14, 7E-15, 7E-17, 7E-21, 7E-30, and 7E-31)
    The SUDAS Erosion and Sediment Control Committee proposed various revisions to Chapter 7.

Specifications Manual Items

  1. Geotextiles (Section 2010, 2.04, C, 6)
    Replaced ASTM reference with Iowa DOT Spec reference.
  2. Precast structures (Section 6010, 2.02)
    Added ASTM reference for rectangular structures and clarified that the ASTM already listed is for circular structures.
  3. MIT thickness (Section 7010, 3.07, D)
    Added a non-destructive measurement specifications to determine the pavement thickness and thickness index.
  4. Dowel bar diameter (Figure 7040.106)
    Since most city streets are not more than 10 inches thick, added a smaller dowel for pavements between 8 and 9.5 inches.  Add dowel bar diameter table to figure to address.
  5. Mast arm vibration clarification (Section 8010, 2.05, C, 2 and Figure 8010.105)
    Correcting Figure 8010.105 to show vibration mitigator location and provides for both mechanical or static devices.
  6. Pavement marking temperature restrictions (Section 8020, 3.02, K, Table 8020.05)
    Modified resin designation for low temperature waterborne paint.
  7. Traffic signs and posts (Section 8040)
    Added a new section providing for contractor supplied permanent traffic signs.
  8. Seeding updates (Section 9010)
    Revised seeding specifications to match Iowa DOT due to limited supplies of certain seed.
  9. Turf reinforcement mats (Section 9040, 2.17, B)
    Deleted maximum slope requirements and added changes to types 2, 3, and 4 to allow synthetic components.


  1. Discussion items
    • Remove and replace items – mainly 7030 and 7040 for curb and gutter; sidewalk?
    • Railroad approach section – develop similar standard to Iowa DOT with asphalt stabilized base?  Concern over RR not accepting due to time and costs.
    • How do you determine time of concentration in drainage design?  Do you use a 15 minute minimum?
    • Should we add PCC mix to the bid item – Class C/ C-SUD/etc.?
    • Should we develop a modified (or new) SW-506 that would construct a true full rectangle (6’ by 6’ 8” inside) by expanding the intake well the full width of the front wall?
    • Anyone experiencing materials shortages of Class I pipe bedding?
    • Other?
  2. Iowa Public Works Service Bureau update
    An update on the project will be given. {Click on the link above and register as a member to check out all we have to offer!}
  3. Products and/or research
    District committee members can suggest new products to be proposed for SUDAS manual inclusion; suggestions for potential research projects can also be made at this time.

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