October 2019 District Agenda

The files included below have not been approved by the Board of Directors and are merely DRAFT revisions to the SUDAS manuals.


  1. Minutes of the previous meetings and schedule of district meetings
    The minutes of the April meeting will be considered. The schedule of district meetings will be presented.
  2. Board of Directors meeting minutes
    A summary of actions at the May 17, 2019 Board meeting will be presented.

Design Manual Items

  1. General provisions (Chapter 1)
    Updated the chapter based on current practices.

Specifications Manual Items

  1. Water main pipe installation (Section 5010, 3.02 and 3.03)
    Added AWWA references for installation of DIP and PVC water main pipe.
  2. Fire hydrants (Section 5020, 3.03, A and F)
    Clarified fire hydrant placement, clear space, and orientation.
  3. Intake lid slope (Section 6010, 3.01, D)
    Added requirements to match intake lid slope with adjacent street slope.
  4. Intakes (Figures 6010.515, 541, 542, 545, and 604)
    Modified dimensions for SW-515 so it can more easily be used in pavement.  Added information on pipe sizes and minimum pipe clearance to SW-541 and 545.
  5. PCC joint spacing (Spec Figs 7010.101 and 901; 6010.507, 508, 509, 510; Design Sects 5G-1, 5G-2, 5G-3, and 5G-4)
    Revised text and figures to reflect Iowa DOT’s new maximum of 12’ longitudinal and 17’ transverse spacing.
  6. Cross slope (Section 7030, 3.04, A, 4 and B, 1)
    Established a default cross slope for sidewalks and shared use paths.
  7. Temporary traffic signals (Section 8010, 1.08)
    Added bid item information for moving the temporary signal around during a project or changing timing to reflect staging.
  8. Sodding (Section 9020, 2.01, A; 3.04, B; 3.05; and 3.06, B, 3)
    Modified age, added cultivars, modified depth of cut, and added more details for watering.
  9. Retaining walls (Sections 9070 and 9071)
    Revised to reflect changes to Iowa DOT Specifications and I.M.’s/MAPLE.


  1. Discussion items
    • Problem with contractors cutting weeds/cleaning up/maintaining construction site?
    • Driveway criteria
      • Opening width for single residential – currently 24′ maximum
      • Point of measurement of width
      • Number of openings/width for townhomes/condos
    • Per 2012 International Fire Code minimum street width for fire trucks is 27’ for one side parking and 33’ for both sides (we have 26’/31’ for local residential class). Minimum cul-de-sac diameter – 96’ (we have 90’).  Problems?
    • Continue to require sewer lamping?
    • Establish response/review time for shop drawings?
    • Are you still requiring contractors to file lien waivers or do you just wait the 30 days following acceptance to issue retainage and pay if no Section 573 claim has been filed?
    • Develop specifications section covering short (4’ max) poured PCC retaining walls?
    • Add bid item for detention basin riser pipe/assembly?
    • Add criteria for maximum manhole depth to a landing? Develop detail?
    • Water Mains:
      • Delete prestressed concrete cylinder pipe?
      • Add HDPE pipe for water main use in Section 5011 and make an official SUDAS Spec Section (currently a developmental spec online only)?
    • Modify detectable warning panel specifications if Iowa DOT drops polymer panels?
    • Pavement replacement methods for vacuum excavation – panel or allow the core to be reinserted when doing vacuum excavation for elevation checks.
    • Confusion about interaction with LUST and UST related to water main pipe materials? Clarification needed?
    • Other?
  2. Iowa Public Works Service Bureau update
    An update on the project will be given at the meeting.
  3. Products and/or research
    District committee members can suggest new products to be proposed for SUDAS manual inclusion; suggestions for potential research projects can also be made at this time.

Page revised: October 7, 2019