Latest Design Revisions

The table below summarizes the changes made with the latest revisions to the SUDAS Design Manual. There is also a link below that contains the entire revision packets. However, if your manual is not updated to the 2021 Edition, the revisions below will not coordinate with your manual.

Download a complete packet of the revisions

2022 Edition card for the Design Manual

ChapterSectionPagesSummary of Changes
IntroUpdated the Contributors and Acknowledgments page. Note - if you want to replace the small business card for the spine of your manual, click on the link above.
11D-2ALLRevised the “items to be specified” list based on corrections and SUDAS Specifications revisions.
11D-3ALLUpdated the “incidental or included items” list.
11D-4ALLUpdated the “bid item” list.
22C-3, G, 2, c11-14Changed concrete leg dimension from 6 inches to 12 inches. Changed CL to “(typical 12 inches).”
22D-3, C, 13Included additional elements for apron guards and safety grates.
22E-1, E, 147-8Included additional elements for apron guards and safety grates.
5Tables 5C-1.03 and 5C-1.047-8Updated rural (40 or less) backslope or parking values based on the 2011 Roadside Design Guide and updated source information.
55C-2, O15-16Added discussion points about the length of cul-de-sacs from International Fire Code and ITE perspectives.
55J-1, C7-12Expanded design information addressing crack and seat projects in urban areas.
10ENTIRE CHAPTERALLUpdated the chapter based on current practices.
13Table of ContentsALLRevised table of contents based on changes made in Chapter 13.
1313A-1 through 13A-5ALLRevised the traffic signal design sections based on guidance from the SUDAS Traffic Signal Committee.
1313B-2ALLFixed header.


Page last updated: December 13, 2021