Latest Design Revisions

The table below summarizes the changes made with the latest revisions to the SUDAS Design Manual. There is also a link below that contains the entire revision packets. However, if your manual is not updated to the 2020 Edition, the revisions below will not coordinate with your manual.

Download a complete packet of the revisions

2021 Edition card for the Design Manual

Design revision cover letter

ChapterSectionPagesSummary of Changes
IntroUpdated the Contributors and Acknowledgments page and the general table of contents. Note - if you want to replace the small business card for the spine of your manual, click on the link above.
1ENTIRE CHAPTERALLUpdated the chapter based on current practices.
2Table of Contentsi-iiMinor formatting correction.
22A-2, B, 2, a1-2Updated Iowa DOT Local Systems I.M. reference.
22A-41-4Corrected references.
22E-29-10Error corrections.
22E-213-16Error corrections.
44C-1, B1-2Revised water main LUST interaction.
44C-1, E, 33-4Clarified fire hydrant clear space requirements.
5Table of Contentsi-ivUpdated to reflect changes made in Chapter 5.
55C-13-6Added a minimum street width alternative for agencies who have a larger fire apparatus.
55C-2ALLUpdated to reflect new lane width and capacity relationships. Added language to meet 2018 Fire Code.
55D-1, A1-2Minor correction.
55E-1, 113-14Minor corrections.
55G-213-14Formatting corrections.
55I-2, B, 21-2Updated hyperlink.
55I-3ALLAddressed re-establishment of the pavement following cutting of core holes in pavements for utility locations.
55I-4, B1-2Updated hyperlink.
55J-1, C, 1, b9-10Deleted the temperature requirement per Iowa DOT’s revisions.
55L-35-8Added a note stating the distance may be adjusted based on lot dimensions or zoning code.
55L-4, B and C1-4Updated point of width measurement, established width based on number of garage stalls, clarified joint driveway width, and updated distance from intersection.
55M-1, C and E7-10Updated references.
55O-1, D & E1-2Updated references.
66D-1, G9-10Updated references.
66D-1, I13-14Updated references.
66E-1, E & F7-10Updated references.
66F-1, F, 25-6Minor correction.
66H-1, B, 2, b3-4Minor correction.
77E-10, B1-2Changed “Office of Bridges and Structures” to “Bridges and Structures Bureau.”
77E-27, B1-2Updated hyperlink.
99B-4, C1-2Updated reference title.
99D-1, B1-2Updated hyperlink.
1111C-1, B, 6, a7-8Updated name of MnDOT reference.
1212A-4, E1-2Updated Iowa DOT Specifications reference.
1212B-2ALLChanged “Office of Design” to “Design Bureau” (multiple times) and other minor corrections.
13Table of Contentsi-iiAdded page numbers that were mistakenly missing.
1414C-2, A, 2, a3-4Updated reference.
1414C-2, A, 2, b7-8Minor correction.
1414D-11-2Deleted inactive hyperlink.


Page last updated: December 2, 2020