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2019 Edition Revisions

The 2019 Edition revision packets to the SUDAS Design Manual and SUDAS Standard Specifications have been distributed. If you did not receive your packet(s), please contact Beth Richards (; 515-294-2869). The website has been updated to the 2019 Edition. The major Design Manual changes included:

  • Modified asphalt binder grades per new climate information.
  • Updated and expanded truck mix tables; modified parameters to use AASHTO charts for seasonal variability, resilient modulus, and modulus of subgrade reaction; and developed new thickness tables.
  • Added a new design section for cold-in-place recycling projects.
  • Added a new design section for full depth reclamation projects.
  • Updated two sections to reflect the changes in General Permit No. 2 regulations.
  • Enhanced design information on the use of bricks and pavers in pedestrian access routes
  • Various other revisions to generally update the manual.

The major Specifications changes included:

  • Added foamed cellular concrete as an option for special pipe embedment and encasement material, backfill for abandoned tunnels, annular space grouting, and sewer abandonment fill.
  • Updated/added pipe apron information.
  • Clarified dewatering language.
  • Modified tracer wire requirements for trenchless installations.
  • Updated bid items and execution language for railroad crossing approaches.
  • Modified asphalt binder grades per new climate information. Voids in the mineral aggregate is no longer used as a mix design parameter.  Clarified sample locations due to thin applications.
  • Deleted sand bedding and modified brick/paver requirements to meet ADA.
  • Added a new section for cold-in-place recycling projects.
  • Added a new section for full depth reclamation projects.
  • Added an option for placement of traffic signal pole foundations in rock.
  • Various other revisions to generally update the manual.

To see the full revision packets, check out the Latest Revisions pages.

Public Works Service Bureau

SUDAS staff received a research grant from the Iowa Highway Research Board to conduct a study to determine if it is feasible to create a Public Works Service Bureau in the State of Iowa. We envision this Public Works Service Bureau to be an organization that provides public works staff from cities of all sizes across Iowa a direct way to communicate among themselves and other agencies, such as the Iowa DOT. It could also provide a location to input information for a central clearinghouse on any number of topics, which could then be used to provide statewide data to improve decision making and efficiency of operations.

In order to decide if a Public Works Service Bureau will provide value to your city, we have developed a short questionnaire and we need your input. The questionnaire will be emailed to every city in the state. We will attempt to get it directly to the public works staff in each city. If we don’t have the public works staff email address, we will sent it to the City Clerk. If you work for a city public works group and do not received a questionnaire by the end of December, please check with the City Clerk to ensure we receive your input.

Contact us if you have any input or comments.

Temporary Traffic Control

SUDAS staff developed an updated Temporary Traffic Control Handbook through an Iowa Highway Research Board project. If you would like to request a copy, please complete this form. Click here for an electronic version of the handbook.

SUDAS Manuals

PLEASE remember the SUDAS program consists of two manuals – the Design Manual and the Standard Specifications. If you have both manuals in your office, please make sure you carefully read anything we mail to you. The binders for the two manuals look very similar or might be the same (depending on when you purchased your SUDAS Standard Specifications). This does not mean it’s the same manual!!! If you have questions about your manuals, please compare the contents of the manual to this website or call us for clarification.

SUDAS mail lists

If you own copies of the SUDAS manuals, please make sure to let us know when your address or point of contact might change. Since we issue annual revisions for free to current manual holders, we rely on you to let us know when something changes.