Supplemental Specifications

General Supplemental Specifications

The following items have been approved by the SUDAS Board of Directors and are available for use. These items will be included in the 2021 Edition of the SUDAS Standard Specifications in December. Click on the topic title for the marked up version of the revision; click on the section reference for a clean version of the section that incorporates the change.

Errata and format revisions
Minor errors and formatting revisions.

Abbreviations and definitions (Section 1010)
Added abbreviations and definitions for commonly used terms.

Project area maintenance (Section 1070, 2.08, C)
Added clarification concerning maintenance of the work area during the project.

Visual inspection of sewers (Section 4060, 3.02)
Deleted requirement for lamping sewers and culverts.

Water main pipe options (Section 5010, 2.01, 2.03, and 3.04)
Deleted prestressed concrete cylinder pipe as a standard water main pipe since it has limited use and application.

Fire hydrants (Spec Section 5020, 3.03, F and Design Section 4C-1, E)
Clarified fire hydrant placement and orientation to meet 2018 International Fire code.

Steps in deep structures (Section 6010, 2.13; Figures SW-301, SW-303, SW-304, SW-305, SW-401, SW-404, SW-405)
Added steps for structures deeper than 20 feet.

Cross slope for sidewalks, driveways, and shared use paths (Section 7030, 3.04 and 3.05)
Clarified maximum, target, and minimum cross slope requirements.

Water for sedding (Section 9010, 1.08, D)
Clarified the measurement and payment for watering to eliminate confusion of MGAL, which has been misinterpreted as a million gallons rather than 1,000 gallons.

Page revised: May 29, 2020