Supplemental Specifications

General Supplemental Specifications

The following items have been approved by the SUDAS Board of Directors and are available for use. These items will be included in the 2021 Edition of the SUDAS Standard Specifications in December. Click on the topic title for the marked up version of the revision; click on the section reference for a clean version of the section that incorporates the change.

Errata and format revisions
Minor errors and formatting revisions.

Payment for extra work (Section 1090, 1.04)
Added standard markup for the general contractor when subcontractor executes an extra work order.

Topsoil requirement and placement (Section 2010, 1.08, D and 3.02)
Updated bid items and execution items for all three options to provide topsoil.

Fusible pipe for water mains (Sections 3020, 2.01 and 5011)
Added HDPE fusible pipe to the fusible PVC development specifications, which were on the website, and moved to the Specifications Manual.

HDPE liner thickness and joints (Section 4010, 2.01, F)
Modified HDPE liner thickness and joint requirements to include additional products.

Water main abandonment (Section 5010, 1.08, F and 3.10)
Added bid item and execution information on abandoning water mains in-place.

Alternate fire hydrant assembly (Section 5020, 1.08, D; 3.03; and Figure 5020.201)
Added bid item for alternate fire hydrant assembly to reflect additional pipe and fittings.

Butyl rubber sealant (Section 6010, 2.09, A, 2, d)
Added softening point requirement for use of high density polyethylene adjustment rings in asphalt.

Concrete boxouts (Figures 7010.103 and 7020.201)
Added requirement for minimum amount of concrete outside of the casting when it is not centered. Added use of ‘B’ joint for post PCC construction cut and extracted boxouts.

Slope of top of curb at sidewalks (Figures 7030.201 and 7030.202)
Added note for top of curb to drain to street when adjacent to Class A sidewalk.

Crack and seat (Section 7092)
Developed a new specifications section addressing crack and seat projects in urban areas.

Sod cultivars (Section 9020, 2.01, A)
Updated list of available cultivars for sod.

Tree planting (Section 9030)
Updated planting specifications based on industry input.

End of season temporary erosion control (Section 9040, 1.08, V)
Provided bid item addition for temporary erosion control to be used when the project will extend over the winter.

Concrete step and wall construction (Section 9080, 2.01, B and Figure 9080.102)
Added setup for independent staging of steps and wall construction.

Page revised: May 10, 2021