Supplemental Design

General Supplemental Design Standards

The following items have been approved by the SUDAS Board of Directors and are available for use. These items will be included in the 2022 Edition of the SUDAS Design Manual in December. Click on the topic title for the marked up version of the revision; click on the section reference for a clean version of the section that incorporates the change.

Errata and format revisions
Minor errors and formatting revisions.

Apron guards and safety grates (Sections 2D-3, C, 1 and 2E-1, E, 14)
Needed additional elements for apron guards and safety grates.

Cul-de-sac length (Section 5C-2, O)
Added discussion points about the length of cul-de-sacs from International Fire Code and ITE perspectives.

Crack and seat (Section 5J-1, C)
Expanded design information addressing crack and seat projects in urban areas.

Tree planting (Chapter 10)
Updated design information on species to plant based on industry input.

Traffic signals (Sections 13A-1 through 13A-5)
Revised the design sections on traffic signals with guidance from the SUDAS Traffic Signal Committee.

Page revised: November 9, 2021