Supplemental Design

General Supplemental Design Standards

The following items have been approved by the SUDAS Board of Directors and are available for use.  These items will be included in the 2020 Edition of the SUDAS Design Manual in December.  Click on the topic title for the mark up version of the revision; click on the section reference for a clean version of the change.

Errata and format revisions
Minor errors and formatting revisions.

Clear zones in urban areas (Section 5C-1, Table 5C-1.05)
Set the preferred and acceptable clear zone on low speed urban roadways without consideration for roadway classification.

High performance thin lift overlays (Section 5J-1, c, 1, b)
Modified binder grade to ensure adequate crack resistance properties.

Driveway flares (Section 5L-4, C)
Clarified that the flare should be 3 to 5 feet for residential and agricultural driveways.

LED street lighting (Sections 11A-1, 11B-1, and 11C-1)
Updated chapter to reflect use of LED street lighting

Temporary traffic control (Sections 13B-1 through 13B-6)
Added new sections on the design requirements for work zone traffic control.

Page revised: June 11, 2019