Latest Specifications Revisions

The table below summarizes the changes made with the latest revisions to the SUDAS Standard Specifications. There is also a link below that contains the entire revision packets. However, if your manual is not updated to the 2023 Edition, the revisions below will not coordinate with your manual.

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2024 Edition card for the Specifications

DivisionSectionPagesSummary of Change
IntroUpdated the Contributors and Acknowledgments page. Note - if you want to replace the small business card for the spine of your manual, click on the link above.
11020, 1.15, C7Clarified the release of bid security to unsuccessful bidders.
44020, 2.01, F, 1, d5Updated reference.
44020, 3.05, B, 38Modified joint opening requirements for gasketed storm sewer.
44030, 1.08, B & C2Corrected minor errors.
44050, 3.01, 3.03, 3.04, 3.05, & 3.0613-22Added “complete inspection according to Section 4060 and the following” to each subsection.
6Table of ContentsiiiUpdated Table of Contents based on changes made in Division 6.
66010, 2.16, A & B11References should be to Section 4010 (not 4020).
6Figure 6010.5152Reprinted to have blank back with addition of new figure.
6Figure 6010.516 (new)1-3Developed a rectangular version of SW-506. (Will end with Figure 6010.521, sheet 1 on the back of sheet 3).
77010, 1.08, I, 33Removed “profilograph” from the includes item.
77010, 2.02, C, 37Identified the combinations of cement types that can be used with fly ash and GGBFS.
77010, 3.0723-28Updated pavement smoothness quality control to reflect Iowa DOT’s change from profilograph to inertial profiler. Added non-destructive measurement specifications to determine the pavement thickness and thickness index. (Change resulted in two additional pages).
77020, 1.08, I, 34Removed “profilograph” from the includes item.
77020, 3.0511-15Updated pavement smoothness quality control to reflect Iowa DOT’s change from profilograph to inertial profiler.
77021, 3.01, B4Clarified placement and opening temperatures.
77040, 3.06, C13Fixed numbering.
77091, 1.08, F and 2.01, C2-3Minor corrections.
88010, 2.01, B, 3, a, 1)4Clarified Schedule 80 PVC meets the heavy wall conduit requirement.
99040, 1.08, P, 2, c7Sentence was supposed to stop at product (not include "to the haul road").
99060, 1.08, A1-7Developed bid item for residential chain link fence. (Affected pages that followed and resulted in an extra page).
9Figure 9060.1011-2Updated figure based on addition of residential chain link fence.
99080, 1.08, C2Added the concrete for ground mounting of the safety rail to be included with the bid item.


Page last updated: December 18, 2023